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DIY Land and Water Trays

Seeing some inspiring bloggers of thisthis and this. I'm interested to make my Land and Water Form Trays made of recycled paper.

Materials: a pile of used paper/newspaper, white glue, water, 10 blue trays, waterproof paint, brown acrylic paint

Land and water forms consist of cape, bay, system of lakes, archipelago, peninsula, gulf, lake, island, trait and isthmus. You can download the nomenclature cards here.



1. Shred a pile of paper

2. Put it in a bucket

3. Soak it in water for two weeks, change the water every three days to reduce the odor

4. Drain the water

5. Squeeze the paper

6. Add some white glue

7. Mix the dough until certain consistency

8. Draw the land and water forms on the trays

9. Give marks on the lands

10. Put the dough on the trays

11. Shape the lands based on the patterns

12. Wipe the edge of the trays to dismiss some stains

13. Dry them under direct sunlight

14. Apply waterproof paint & let it dry

15. Paint the lands brown

I'm satisfied with the result and it cost less than IDR 100,000 or USD 8. You can also make land and water cards to complete the activities about land and water form.


Ar involved in this activity. He cut the newspaper, squeezed it, mixed the dough and painted the mold. Squeezing the dough is good to strengthen hand and finger muscles which is necessary for writing preparation.